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[1054] music Posted by: Date:2008/05/26(Mon) 04:06  
1.jpegI have written 2 very pretty songs that would suit your voice. My arranger says that they have promise and I would love to send them to you. Can you please advise the mailing address? I am a senior lady from a small Southern town in Alabama and do appreciate good music.

[1052] Pease to kdlan Net Posted by:Mayumi Date:2008/05/24(Sat) 13:29  
admin.gifHi all,

I delated recent log.
Because this board was attacked and got a lot of spam post.
I hate spammers, and want to get away from them.
So we return to the board of a couple month ago.

Peace to kdlang Net!

[1038] About posting Posted by:Mayumi Date:2008/03/01(Sat) 15:17  
admin.gifIt is admin of kdlang Net, Mayumi.

I haven't seen all of you for a while because I have been to a trip.
Thank you for your many active posts.

I do not deny discussing the album, music, and the concert of kd.
However, please do not criticize other sites on this board.

If you want to post about the copyright problem, only when you have the copyright of the work and this site violates your copyright. the post is accepted and I will get a handle on the problem.

Thank you for understanding.

[1039] Re: About posting LanguishedUnstopped - 2008/03/01(Sat) 18:15  

1.jpegThanks Mayumi.

[1051] Re: About posting Mayumi - 2008/03/02(Sun) 15:18  

admin.gifWhen you post here, don't make use of several names.
I deleted some posts written by several names because they seemed to be written by one person. I am wondering if there are the same case left yet.

[1050] flamenco taste ? Posted by:bison Date:2008/03/02(Sun) 11:32  
1.jpegHi all,

I read some article about the new album, and it says "It has hints of even some flamenco"

I am interested to know if any of you felt this way, and if so, what part?


[1018] KD & Loretta Lynn Posted by: Date:2008/02/27(Wed) 13:30  
1.jpegI'm seeking information from KD Lang fans who might be able to help this Loretta Lynn fan out.

As a collector I'm looking for anything from the Honky Tonk Angeles project KD did with Loretta, Brenda Lee & Kitty Wells. Was there anything more released other than the Album, video and UK 7" single "Sugarmoon/Honky Tonk Angeles Medley"? I also have the "Making Of Shadowland" promo album.
Was there a 12" single releaed with the "Honky Tonk Angeles" medley? Did they do any TV shows together other than the CMA Awards? We're there any award nominations? Also I heard that KD put a poster of Loretta in the recording studio booth as insperation. Is this true? Any help or info. would be appreciated.

[995] maybe she'll do a Watershed II, Tour! Posted by:Linda Date:2008/02/24(Sun) 08:56  
1.jpegIt would be great if kd did a second Watershed tour! She could rest up for a month and then do it all over again! She seems to be doing great and then more people who missed her could see her! I think in some cities she could stay for 2 nights in a row, like in Toronto, do 2 nights instead of having to come back in. But I guess it depends on the "venue" as they say. LW

[993] tour set lists Posted by: Date:2008/02/23(Sat) 11:53  
1.jpegI have yet to see k.d. live and my heart aches for it. I'm guessing that a lot of you have seen her before. Does anyone remember the set lists and/or songs she sang on her past tours? Ingenue and Drag were my favorite 90's albums and I wish I could've seen those shows...

[994] Re: tour set lists Linda - 2008/02/24(Sun) 08:51  

1.jpegI just saw her last nite at the Courthouse in Toronto! It was first kd concert! She was awesome. I was only 5 feet away from her and she is just great! I was over to the side and we looked right at each other about 3 times! She sang mostly from her Watershed cd, but also did smoke rings, western stars, constant craving, pay dirt, but not Miss Chatelaine. I am going to her Massey Hall concert in May also, I am a true kd addict now! You must try and go, you won't be disappointed. Linda in Toronto Canada.

[997] Re: tour set lists  - 2008/02/24(Sun) 19:03   HomePage

10.jpegI can't remember exact set lists from the 90's but on the Ingenue tour she used to Johnny Get Angry, Stop Look and Listen, and one night I saw her (at the Royal Albert Hall in London) she did So in Love and Barefoot as an encore (sigh)

[983] Presale password Posted by: Date:2008/02/21(Thu) 08:12  
Does anyone have a presale password for KD Lang watershed tour in Calgary AB canada. Presale goes on sale tomorrow.

[984] Re: Presale password Annabelle - 2008/02/21(Thu) 18:50   HomePage


[990] Re: Presale password Channel - 2008/02/22(Fri) 19:36   HomePage

1.jpegWatershed is the password for the Canadian Tour.

[987] password for vancouver needed Posted by: Date:2008/02/22(Fri) 05:18  
1.jpeganyone with password need one please.

[988] Re: password for vancouver needed  - 2008/02/22(Fri) 07:10  

1.jpegHI. I'm looking for the same password.

[989] Re: password for vancouver needed  - 2008/02/22(Fri) 19:31   HomePage

10.jpegIt's watershed-you can sign up for newsletters here:

[986] KT Tunstall Posted by: Date:2008/02/22(Fri) 02:44  
1.jpegLove her new video for walk like an egyptian
anyone know if she's been playing this at her live shows?

xo laetitia

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