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[1129] k.d. lang concert review in bridgewater hall/u.k.@Posted by:watcher Date:2008/07/31(Thu) 03:17   HomePage
4.jpegdid any k.d. lang fans here attend this show or any of the recent uk shows and be kind enough to do a review?

there are also alot of usa concert dates in the fall 2008 to look for...and i believe asian dates as well.

this is a newspaper review and nice photo from concert.

kd lang @ Bridgewater Hall
Mike Caulfield
30/ 7/2008

HAVING effectively weathered the media cyclone brought on via the success of eIngénuef and a well-publicised gcoming outh back in 1992, sweeping along with it a few Grammy awards and celebrity party invites galore for good measure, kd lang appears far more comfortable, in control and jovial than a past reputation would lead you to believe.

If her grand tunes and forceful larynx suggest therefll always be a spot available on the Las Vegas strip for her, the huge smile that creeps across her face each time the thunderous applause erupts suggests that seeing the eyes of her followers is just as important these days.

Taking to the stage in a full dazzling white suit for the seductive pulse of eUpstreamf from her recently released long player eWatershed' - her first album of new material for some eight years, after a daring covers collection featuring songwriting stalwarts and fellow country men/women Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Neil Young.

Stretching beyond the Nashville restraints for something with a more contempory spice, newer tracks eI Dream of Springf and eOnce In A Whilef have a classic edge whilst still remaining within ear shot of her more country-fried roots, fitting evenly alongside comfortably established numbers.

Blow the roof off

But from the first time her vocals near blow the roof off the Bridgewater Hall itfs obvious that Ms lang possesses something sadly lacking from cheap Saturday night televised talent contests; an epic warble of star quality, and the smarts to known when to unleash or scale back - take note Christina!

Though tackling Leonard Cohenfs eHallelujahf, with over-egging hand gestures and theatric pained facial expressions is a bold and brave thing to attempt (if your namefs not Jeff Buckley), tonight earns a standing ovation.

As does her breakthrough hit eConstant Cravingf the encore appearance of hayseed early favourite ePay Dirtf and a wistful run-through of eMiss Chatelainef - complete with comedy pirouettes and graceless dramatics.

Whilst her pitch-perfect vocal flights hog most of the spotlight, her presence and comfort addressing the audience and bantering with her expert backing line-up is just as warming to observe.

So, if the venues in 2008 are somewhat more modest than the stages regularly filled when eIngénuef was in most households lang certainly doesnft give any less of a powerhouse performance.

Did you to the show? Why not tell us what you thought by entering our Reviewer of the Month competition.

Click on the link to the right to read a review of the support act, Dustin O'Halloran.

[1125] Sheffield City Hall July 24th@Posted by: Date:2008/07/27(Sun) 21:55  
10.jpegkd was orgasmic! Her voice seemed more powerful, richer, smoother, more luxurious than ever and she looked adorable in every way... As usual her humour was seeping through too c/o both her lush lyrics and the occassional mini intro. I was besotted - she kept hearing screams of 'I love you kd' [I bet they weren't even vegetarians!] I was melting not with the heat but with her presence, she gave us two encores, and she got plenty of standing ovations. This big boned gal is hers anytime!

[1123] No Subject@Posted by: Date:2008/07/21(Mon) 09:39  
1.jpegte amo mucho me encanto tu video constans craving estabas hermosa un beso para vos k.d. lang

[1122] No Subject@Posted by: Date:2008/07/21(Mon) 09:37  
1.jpegi love you k.d. lank!

[1120] Toby Keith's New Movie@Posted by: Date:2008/07/19(Sat) 05:25  
1.jpegHi everybody, who else is excited for Toby Keith's new movie "Beer For My Horses", also starring Ted Nugent and Rodney Carrington (out on 8/8)? It looks like it will be pretty funny, plus its cool to see Toby acting in another movie. The soundtrack looks really good too (releases 8/12). It features a couple Toby songs and "Off the Hillbilly Hook", by Trailer Choir is the theme song. It looks like it has a great mix of artists. Check out the track listing here:

What do ya think?


[1076] Hilarious T-shirt@Posted by: Date:2008/06/27(Fri) 08:32  
1.jpegLast week, I bought a great KD t-shirt at Boston Pride


[913] k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Posted by:watcher Date:2007/12/17(Mon) 01:02   HomePage
1.jpeghappy holidays and new year and glad to see k.d. lang net still here. mayumi, no worries there is alot of people and news to come now. best wishes to all...

'Watershed', comprises 11 new songs written and produced by k.d., and recorded in California this year. there are some interesting titles and curious for the songs/album coming out in 2008 from nonesuch records along with an international tour. = record label

kdlang music on myspace


1. I Dream Of Spring
2. Je Fais La Planche
3. Coming Home
4. Once In A While
5. Thread
6. Close Your Eyes
7. Sunday
8. Flame Of The Uninspired
9. Upstream
10. Shadow And The Frame
11. Jealous Dog

[927] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Sandra - 2008/01/11(Fri) 09:54  

1.jpegThanks! There is a deluxe edition as well with more stuff other than this CD. I can't wait to hear samples.

[929] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@watcher - 2008/01/11(Fri) 22:39   HomePage

8.jpegthere are 2 different albums for watershed. the normal cd with the tracklist and the watershed ltd edition deluxe that includes the below in many amazon locations and other places to buy the record which will be out in a few weeks like here.

It's a grey linen wrapped box, with foil stamped cover. Inside are: 3 photo cards printed on heavy-weight metallic stock, CD booklet, full album CD in special sleeve, and bonus enhanced disc in special sleeve, including 4 live tracks from usa and a video interview with k.d. filmed in London."

track listing
disc 1
1. I Dream Of Spring
2. Je Fais La Planche
3. Coming Home
4. Once In A While
5. Thread
6. Close Your Eyes
7. Sunday
8. Flame Of The Uninspired
9. Upstream
10. Shadow And The Frame
11. Jealous Dog
disc 2
1. I Dream Of Spring [live/video]
2. Wash Me Clean [live/video]
3. Hallelujah [live/video]
4. Valley [live/video]
5. Interview With KD Lang [video]

[930] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Lauri - 2008/01/12(Sat) 07:01  

1.jpegI heard some samples of this. I think it will be great. I love the song Jealous Song the most so far. I think I will order the Deluxe one with the photos and things but will wait abit still.

[932] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Patti - 2008/01/12(Sat) 21:18  

1.jpegThanks, I purchased the Deluxe edition. I am so excited that she finally did an original album. I hope we hear more samples soon.

[934] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Sam - 2008/01/14(Mon) 09:26  

1.jpegI am waiting to order it until the price goes down and the reviews are in. I like the idea that they did provide a Deluxe version however. I'm sure I'll end up buying it but please do some reviews.

[935] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Kate - 2008/01/15(Tue) 01:30  

1.jpegI like the songs but I think it's expensive. I will wait till the price drops alittle I hope. I was so happy that she wrote more songs. =)

[936] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Jos - 2008/01/15(Tue) 18:20  

1.jpegI like new songs for album. It sound good. I order and 28 Jan I have CD Dekluxe. I hope k.d. come concert more place.

[941] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@ - 2008/01/19(Sat) 11:41  

1.jpegI just purchased the deluxe edition. It's only a few extra and I'm excited. I can't wait till February.

[943] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Steve - 2008/01/22(Tue) 08:28  

1.jpegI think I'll wait for iTunes in February but glad she did new material finally.

[947] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@ - 2008/01/22(Tue) 23:30  

1.jpegThanks, I have pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. I am so excited to receive it next week. Cheers

[949] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Larry - 2008/01/23(Wed) 08:36  

1.jpegI got a demo copy of the CD. It's fantastic. She should do well by this album. At least I hope she does. I would buy it and I bet you would think the same.

[956] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Inka - 2008/02/01(Fri) 00:28  

1.jpegI have got the CD. I love it. I hope she comes to Germany. It is sad that only I enjoy record and no tours or tv.

[958] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Suzanne - 2008/02/02(Sat) 11:23  

1.jpegI have the deluxe edition. I love it. I think the songs are lovely.

[969] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Annie - 2008/02/07(Thu) 22:23  

1.jpegI got my Valentine Deluxe Ed. It's great!

[976] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Kurt - 2008/02/18(Mon) 01:09  

1.jpegI found the album more depressing that good myself.

[977] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@ - 2008/02/19(Tue) 03:41   HomePage

10.jpegThat's odd, depressing is the last thing I'd describe it as. Oh well, we cant all think the same I suppose-I didn't like Hymns of the 49th Parallel that much.....

[1046] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Ken - 2008/03/01(Sat) 23:52  

1.jpegI got the album and going next week. It's very different. I'm not sure what to think.

[1053] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Carol - 2008/05/25(Sun) 03:40  

1.jpegI have the Deluxe Version. I thought the Valentine Card was really sweet. I didn't like the album too much in the beginning but now I like it very much.

[1059] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Stacy - 2008/06/09(Mon) 06:25  

1.jpegI have Watershed. I didn't like the album at first but after I saw her in concert I liked it alot better. I hope she keeps making original albums and never stops singing.

[1066] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Eve - 2008/06/14(Sat) 23:48  

1.jpegI buy Deluxe Watershed. I like it but I am very excite to see concert for Germany. This is my first time for see k.d. lang.

[1070] Re: k.d. lang new album watershed out in 2008@Beth - 2008/06/20(Fri) 06:03  

1.jpegI like her album alot. I just saw her in Vancouver and the songs were even better there.

[1065] k. d. lang interview@Posted by: Date:2008/06/12(Thu) 11:21  
1.jpegFound this great interview in Shambhala Sun magazine with k.d. talking about Buddhism:

[1067] Re: k. d. lang interview@watcher - 2008/06/16(Mon) 18:49  

1.jpegthank you magdude for the interview. i have that magazine and it was a very good article i thought and the magazine included several photos of kd lang as well.

k.d. lang's Watershed, Melvin McLeod, Shambhala Sun, March 2008 edition.

To order this copy of the Shambhala Sun, go to the archive section or Email: | Tel: 902.422.8404

[1056] mp3 sounds like canada k.d. lang interview@Posted by:watcher Date:2008/06/04(Wed) 20:59  
1.jpegThe Best of Sounds Like Canada May 27

kd lang. Sounds Like Canada. Shelagh speaks to her about her new CD, Watershed; her political and spiritual support for Tibetans; her cross-Canada tour; and how it will feel to pick up an honourary doctorate from the University of Alberta on her way through her home province.

Right click to Download The Best of Sounds Like Canada May 27
[mp3 file: runs 17:36]

you can download the podcast for awhile on this link and enjoy and hope all you canadian fans are enjoying the concerts and hear some reviews. :o)

[1058] Re: mp3 sounds like canada k.d. lang interview@Karen - 2008/06/07(Sat) 20:13  

1.jpegThanks watcher

I was at the show in Winnepeg. She was excellent and her voice was better than ever. I really liked her band, too.

[1061] Re: mp3 sounds like canada k.d. lang interview@Patti - 2008/06/10(Tue) 18:56  

1.jpegI love the fact that k.d. is so candid, funny and humble. That was a treat. I hope she adds more Canadian dates.

[1060] New k.d. lang Track@Posted by: Date:2008/06/10(Tue) 17:18   HomePage
10.jpegYou can now listen to k.d.s collaboration with 1 Giant Leap-"Wounded in all the Right Places"
Click here to access the music player
Isn't it lovely?

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