Invincible Summer - Track x Track With k.d lang
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           The Consequences Of FallingĒ This is the only song on the album that I
           didnít write. When I first heard it I was working with Rick Nowels on music for a
           movie called Anywhere But Here and he played it for me. As soon as I heard it, I
           knew immediately that I wanted to record it. It suited me, suited my voice and I
           said, ĎI want that song.í As far as the subject matter goes, I think it's the only
           track that doesn't exactly fit the concept of this record. But I couldnít resist.

           Summerfling This is really the core of the record thematically. It gets to the
           heart of what I was trying to express. If I had to explain it, Iíd say itís about how
           being in love makes you feel like itís summer all the time. This was the second
           song I wrote for the album and, although I worked out some of the imagery and
           the vocabulary in my mind beforehand, everything really came together with this

           Suddenly This was the first song I wrote for the record. Itís about that
           feeling you get meeting someone for the first time and thinking youíve known
           them before, in some other time or place. Itís about using the reincarnation
           excuse to want to be with somebodyÖ which I used to do all the time.

           It's Happening With You This song was written on the beach when I was
           out one day with my dog. I have a little suitcase I carry around with me that has
           paper, some pens, a tape recorder, and Iíd gone down there with the intention to
           work. Itís a great atmosphere for inspiration, especially when youíre trying to get
           in a summer mood. The song itself is about how your perspective on everything
           changes absolutely when youíre in love.

           Extraordinary Thing This is basically on the same subject. Come to think
           of it, the whole album, on one level, deals with how love makes everything
           different. It ties in with the summer theme of the songs, about how love feels like
           summer. I mean, love can also feel like winter, or spring or fall. But for me, the
           atmosphere of these songs, the melodies and the imagery, are definitely geared
           more toward that particular time of the year as a way of expressing an emotional
           state of being.

           Love's Great OceanĒ This is the one song I wrote with my old partner, Ben
           Mink. I've always been a big Roy Orbison fan, so it has a bit of an Orbison feel to
           it, and, as far as what itís about, Iím using the ocean as a metaphor for the
           immensity of love.

           Simple This song, for me, has the deepest personal significance of anything
           on the record. I think of it as a mantra, a prayer or a hymn. Itís about how love is
           really a simple thing, not nearly as complex or complicated as humans make it.
           Every act of love is connected. Loving God, your dog, your lover. Itís all the

           What Better SaidĒ This is about that moment weíve all experienced when
           you're waiting for that person to say that they love you, and you wait and wait
           and start hinting at them to say it, trying to open up the moment for it to happen.
           And maybe it does and maybe it doesnít. Itís out of your hands.

           When We Collide This is about that overpowering moment when you
           encounter someone youíre secretly in love with, someone youíre coveting. You
           see that person, and what ensues is described in the song. It's like a whole
           universe that you keep accessing throughout the days that follow because you
           want to recreate it. You want to live there, to be in that moment forever.

           Curiosity This a strange little song. I started out with the idea that curiosity
           is a woman, but it turned out to be more about being enamored with someone,
           being infatuated and obsessed. The funny thing is, I wrote it with my dog in mind.
           My dogís name is Saylor and we go swimming together a lot in the ocean. Weíre
           very fond of each other.

           Only Love While I was writing this album a couple of my friends went
           through very severe breakups. I wrote this for them. Itís about how love is really
           the only thing that can both kill you and bring you back to life.Ē