A Truly Western Experience

kd's debut album which was released in 1984. But her debut single "Friday Dance Promenade" is not included. It's interesting to compare "Stop, Look And Listen" to the one included in Patsy Cline's album "Honky Tonk Merry Go Round." You'll find that k.d. rocks it! Patsy is singing "Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray" in it. "Hooked On Junk" is an avant-garde tune written by Drifter (G. Elgar), who was one of her intimate friends, though, was killed in 1984. It was just moments before the show that someone gave her this news. After her performance, she kept walking around the mountains alone. As we found the words "and the wind drifts through my soul, say hi to patsy for me" on the album jacket, this album is a tribute to Drifter and Patsy. I suppose, he is one of those who she remembers when kd sings "Infinite And Unforeseen."

Track Listing

Pine And Stew
Up To Me
Tickled Pink
Hanky Panky
There You Go
Busy Being Blue
Stop, Look And Listen
Hooked On Junk