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  1. This BBS courner is operated with cokie, So that your name, your Email, homepage URL, password for deleting would be input automatically, when you post the second time.

  2. Any TAG is available in your comment.

  3. When you fill out the form, Your name and Message are required to be input. You can omit Email, Your homepage URL, Subject, Password.

  4. You can delete your message with your password, even if you sent it. Password should be set within 8 letters when you post your message.

  5. This system keeps 50 messages in maximum in a recent log file and remove your message to [Old Post] if the number of messages would be over.

  6. You can reply to the post written by other people. When you would like to send your message to those posts, push "send" button near the subject line. The form window will be opened.

  7. You can search the posted articles with some keywords. Go to [Serch] from the top menue. If you want to find more through old log files, jump to [Old Post] first and go to [Search].

  8. The administrator can delete your post without your permission if it is not appropriate for this courner.

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